What is my favorite genre? What is my favorite books and authors within that genre? And what do I recommend others to read is that genre? 


My favorite genre is Christian fiction. I am a child of God so that is why I chose this genre. My favorite Arthur is Michelle Lindo Rice. Why Michelle is my favorite author is because her books are based faith-based and she lives her life off the four F’s. The 4 F’s are faith, family, forgiveness, and friendship. I stand by those same beliefs. My favorite Christian books are all of her books but especially Piece of the Pie. I recommend this genre and these books because they do not have profanity, sexual scenes, or drugs. Her books are surrounded by faith based and Godly issues that I can relate to. There are a lot of Christian fiction authors like Michelle Stimpson, Pat G’orge Walker, Denise Walker, and Pat Simmons. I love all of them and their books. Pick up one of their books and let me know what you think. You will not be disappointed.

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