Today I asked the question who is your favorite teacher and why to my Facebook reading group members.  These are their answers:


Kimberly Golden Malmgren When I was in elementary school, my favorite teacher was Mrs. Albert. She was my teacher in kindergarten and then again in first and second grade, I think. She always had creative ways of getting us to love learning new things, even when they were a bit difficult. I also loved my art teacher, Ms. Williams, who made everything about art fun and could make up a song at the drop of a hat. 🙂


Cindy Morehouse Mrs Laking..she was my elementary science teacher. She did all kinds of science experiments and we had a greenhouse attached to the classroom also and planted all kinds of things. She made it fun which made me Love science. The school was Stellwagon in Detroit on outer drive.


Kimberly Washington Mrs. Delores Saulsberry 6th grade. She took out the time to help me understand math. When she became the Math Lab teacher she always included me even though it wasn’t for me. That meant a lot.


W Parks Brigham My sixth grade teacher Mr. Perry. He was encouraging and made learning fun…or was it because he took us outside everyday☺️


 Aziza Sphinx My  third grade teacher. Ironically she was the only teacher to give me a failing grade. On a happier note, I learned sign language in her class and still remember my ASL alphabet.


Antionette Gates Ms. Dorothy Wilson because she taught Language Arts and Creative writing. She was awesome.


Colette Harrell Ms. Love. She corrected me in love. Taught me when I didn’t want to be taught. She gave me an elementary foundation that took me all the way through my Masters program. #blackexcellence


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