QOD – What was your favorite subject in school and why?

Good morning, I ask several members of my reading group, The Readers and the Authors We Love, what was their favorite subject in school and why?


Denise Walker  English, I have always loved writing and books.


Candice Ordered Steps Johnson English ♥️ Because I LOVE words and stories. It was my STRENGTH.


Norma Mclauchlin English.  I loved to read all types of books and write in my journal. This subject allowed me an opportunity to do both while earning “A”s in the courses.


Churnet Winborne Reading because, I love books!


Kimberly Golden Malmgren I loved art class and English. My favorite things were drawing and reading + writing stories…


Pat G’Orge-Walker English and history.  English, because I’ve always loved reading, spelling and anything connected with being or becoming a Wordsmith.

History because I’ve always needed to know “it’s” path; how it began, where it’s been and where it’s going.


Chicki Brown English and modern dance. I guess because I’ve always loved words and music.


Cindy Morehouse Science Love doing experiments, the how, why of things and the if’s!


Michelle Changinglives Hollins Journalism- the idea of sharing important information to the masses brings about positive change if done correctly.


Rhonda McKnight History and science. I also enjoyed the literary and writing assignments in English.


Antionette Gates Government and History because I enjoyed learning about our government and different forms of government as well as the history of America and countries around the globe.


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