Traits of a Bookworm

  1. Family and friends often find  my nose in a book spending hours at the library or bookstore.
  2. You know that reading is your ticket to anywhere your heart desires.
  1. I’d rather read a book than watch tv.
  1. Who cares about the next DVD release? When can I get the latest book release?
  1. You constantly add books to your to-read list.
  1. It’s not a vacation unless you have a supply of books. 
  1. You’re not afraid to laugh or cry while reading.
  1. You cringe when you see watermarks, torn pages, and vandalism to books.
  1. You argue that the books are always better than any movie based off a book.
  1. You feel lost without a book to read.
  1. You get a thrill when you open the book for the first time and feel its pages.

    12.    You listen to more audio books than the car radio.

     13. You smile when you see children reading rather than playing video games or watching television.

      14. It’s normal to leave the house with some reading material. 

     15. You stay up past midnight to finish a great book.

      16. You don’t have enough shelves to hold all your books.

      17. You  discuss books with fellow bookworms.

      18. Rainy days are good reading weather days.

      19. You attend book discussions.

      20. Books are almost the talk of discussion.

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