Which Book Format is My Favorite?

There are so many ways to read books. You can get eBooks, audio books, hardback, and paperback.  I know reader friends who prefer to have digital books, others who prefer listening to audio books, or a few who have shelves of hardbacks and paperbacks.


Format #1: eBook


  • A lot cheaper to buy than physical books.
  • You can carry hundreds of books with you.
  • They can be picked up and read wherever you are. 
  • Read them in a car, on a boat, or an airplane!
  • If you don’t have a bookmark handy, you don’t lose your place
  • You can make notes on the pages without writing in the book


  • You look at a screen instead of a pretty book cover.
  • You can’t put them on your shelf.
  • It will be on your Kindle forever and unread
  •  If you want to lend it to someone, DON’t


Format #2: Paperback


  • Easy to carry around 
  • They look great on a bookshelf
  • It’s nice to hold a book in your hands 
  • They’re a lot cheaper to buy than hardbacks 



  • You can’t carry loads of them around at once.
  • Hardback covers are a lot nicer than paperback ones 
  • They don’t lie flat.


Format #3: Audiobook


  • It’s  cool to get a story read to you.
  • Some narrator’s voices  brings the book to life and make it more interesting
  • Like eBooks, you don’t lose your place 
  • It gives you something really interesting to listen to when not at home 



  • They’re VERY expensive. 
  • You can’t read at your own pace
  •  They’re hard to share.


Format #4: Hardback


  • When you take the dust jacket to see what’s underneath,it’s BEAUTIFUL 
  • They lie flat, which means you can lie them down to read them.


  • Really hard to travel with
  • They’re  expensive to buy 


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