Which book format do you prefer and WHY? 

I asked this question to  some of my book friends in my Facebook groups. And here are the results.

E books  70 votes

Angela Lackey –  I like eBooks more because I can read in bed with the lights off. But I still buy hardbacks to collect some books.

Sharon Lucas –  Because it makes reading portable and easy to have a book with you at all times – on my phone, Kindle, iPad, or computer.

Paperbacks 65 votes

Michelle Dennis –  I need to hold my book in my hand and feel the pages.

Karyn Smith-Davis – There was a time that I only bought hard cover but it seems like now a lot of books don’t come hardcover. They hold up better than paperback.

LaToya Hopkins – I prefer a paperback because I love the feel of an actual book 📖. However, I enjoy the convenience of eBooks.

Audio books 29 votes

Dara Davis –  Audio! It turns time that would otherwise be mundane into periods of suspense and excitement!

Lorna LA Lewis – It’s hard for me to sit and read these days. With audiobooks I can listen while being productive (housework, cooking, errands, and other things that doesn’t require much thought. 😊

Katrina Dukes Bryant – Audio books as my busy life makes it hard to sit turn the pages of a good hard back. I prefer to listen to books on my commute to work, in the evening while I’m waiting on kids after practice, etc.

Hardbacks 21 votes

Claressa Walker-  I prefer touching pages…hard cover is more of a luxury.

Candous Brown –  There’s just something about the feel and smell of the pages in a book… it’s nostalgic and very intimate… or maybe I just need a date lol but I prefer books.

Lisa Edwards – Hardcover. I like having the actual book, the way it feels.

Gina TitsworthPope-Wilkins –  Hardcover only

Others views:

Kimberly Golden Malmgren I prefer paperbacks and hardbacks. I am old school when it comes to reading. I love the feeling of reading a book, I love how books smell. But…they’re heavy so I only read them at home. The rest of the time I read ebooks.

Jeanetta Grandberry Glass – I don’t have a preference! I will do either of them, depending on the situation. I love having the Kindle and Audible apps on my phone because I’m never without a book.

Erica Love Mack –  I got burnt out on reading textbooks and articles in graduate school so listening to books is best for me. Also, I drive a lot so I love audio books.

2 thoughts on “Which book format do you prefer and WHY? ”

  1. I love reading all of the feedback!! I still love book in hand , however I’ve been introduced to kindle my husband is sick of all the books being in our house I’m working on reading every book in my house i only read my books once no matter how good they are. Of course I made one more bookshelf which makes three book shelf but hubby said as long as I give them away once Ive read them lol . the ones that I’m giving away I will give to 2nd in Charles they have a free bend where i can place my lovely books in to be loved oh yesss!


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