National Author’s Day!!! Thank you Authors.

Today is National Author’s Day and I would love to celebrate my top 5 favorite authors of all time. I would like to thank you for all you do,

Thank you. For laboring over your books. Each day, you must sit in front of a blank screen and fill it with words. Good words. Words that will touch, inspire, convict, and uplift.

Thank you. For caring about your readers. We appreciate the desire to please us, and the passion you bring to your craft.

Thank you. For your faith journey. Because when all is said and done (and reading), the Lord is the One we are trying to please. Whether you write for  Christian or the general market, you are writing with your beliefs and views as the core of your being.

Thank you Michelle Lindo-Rice, Michelle Stimpson, Pat Simmons, Pat G’Orge Walker, and W. Parks Brigham.


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