Book of the Day – Promises by W. Parks Brigham


W. Parks Brigham

Pages: 223

Samantria Alexandria Hamilton fell in love at first sight with playboy Thomas Jarell Wiltz. Of course she knew there could be no real future with him and attempted to move on with her life. But their weekend rendezvous awarded her a receipt. As Gran has often said what’s done in the dark will come out in the light…

Thomas J, upcoming music guru offered his heart and soul to Samantria Hamilton and was brushed off. He vowed never to let it happen again.

Getting the job of her dreams, she relocates and invades his territory. They now find themselves in constant turmoil trying to ignore their true feelings they have for each other…


About the Author


W Parks Brigham is a native Houstonian with two adult daughters. She’s spent her adult life teaching small children and loved every minute of it. She is now a retired (Halleluiah) teacher of thirty plus years and loves every minute of that for sure. Her main interests and hobbies includes active participation in her church, listening to her own radio station designed especially for her, playing spider solitaire, working bent and wiggly word search and Sudoku puzzles. She is an avid reader of every genre in the AA Romance category which has prompted her to write and self-publish her own with plus size women of all ages as the heroine.

Therefore, it’s her honor and pleasure to invite you into her world of women fiction with a contemporary Christian romance flavor. She has penned fourteen of the sweetest tales with plus size women as the heroine, touching your every emotion. Her heroines are beautiful and sophisticated with high self-esteem. They are not looking for a man to validate their worth…just love them for who they are. Drama, the element of surprise with twists and turns, romance, and love are featured in each story. She considers her AA Romance stories in a class all by themselves with the Christian elements she tries to project in a positive way.
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