Book of the Week – Cooking School by Linda Leigh Hargrove

Cooking School 

Linda Leigh Hargrove

Pages: 194


Leslie Lawrence is running from trouble she stirred up in the Big Apple. Her dreams of being an actress on Broadway didn’t pan out and she needs a place to hide until things blow over. Creswell, North Carolina, the little swamp town her shifty old man, Ray Lawrence, used to tell her about seems like a good place to lay low for a while.


She didn’t count on meeting a good-looking country boy named Johnny Ellington (from Newland Road series, Books 1 and 2) and she didn’t count of getting stuck in a little one-diner town during the biggest hurricane of 1976. Johnny’s smarter than he looks. Can she risk getting closer to him and the two Jesus-loving half-sisters she didn’t know she had? Or is this a recipe for disaster?


About the Author


Linda Leigh Hargrove blends suspense, humor, and faith into compelling stories about race and class in America. Linda has taught workshops on fiction writing to adults and teens. To further help would-be writers realize their dreams of publication, she launched and created a quick reference guide for independent writers.


She is a native of Washington County, North Carolina, a farm-rich coastal region. And currently resides near Charlotte with her husband and three sons, where she works as an environmental engineer. Connect with Linda on your favorite social media platforms. Join Linda’s mailing list to find out when new books are released (and maybe win free books):


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