Book of the Week – Eyes of the Enemy by Yolanda Randolph

Eyes of the Enemy

Yolanda Randolph

Pages: 275


Quest and Derek are back!

Quest Maddox Spence, married to her husband Derek for many years, continues to have her suspicions about him and their marriage. No matter how much Quest tries to throw her “something isn’t quite right” feelings about Derek out the way and out of her mind, her intuition pulls harder and nags at her with tremendous force.

Derek has his ways, but he loves his wife to the fullest; would do anything to make her happy so entertainment from women who can help bridge his gap between his bills at home and his bills at his barbershop, Styles, is just a small disadvantage that he must do in order to keep a smile on his wife’s face. Derek’s motto is, what my wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her, but he learns that his thoughts are very wrong when his world explodes right before his eyes.


About the Author


Yolanda Randolph is a woman of creative intellect. She enjoys reading, writing, and loving people. Reading her material will take you into a world of thrill and suspense. She speaks with passion and purpose. God has called her to speak to women that are in a broken place and use those broken pieces to build back their purpose. She is Yolanda Randolph and follows #HerIntuition Movement.
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