Book of the Week – Blackberry Cobbler by Melissa Mimi Ewell

Blackberry Cobbler

Melissa Mimi Ewell

Pages: 354


Can One Day of Learning to Bake Blackberry Cobbler Change the Course of a Man’s Life?

Jax Morrison IV, is a very successful New York corporate attorney, who falls in love with Nina Sanders, an equally accomplished, highly sought after literary editor. They seem to be a perfect match and can see a long, satisfying and prosperous future together as husband and wife. Only a long-held family tradition stands between them and their happily ever after.

According to family tradition, before she could agree to marry anyone, Nina has to bring her intended beau to meet the family matriarch, Mama Glory, who lived on a blackberry farm in rural Mississippi. Initially, Jax is totally against the idea, thinking it was intrusive, unnecessary waste of his valuable time. Nevertheless, his love for Nina and a desire to please her, found him traveling deep into the backwoods of Mississippi to meet Mama Glory. 

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Jax knows he’s being put to the test, to see if he can pass the muster and gain Mama Glory’s approval to marry Nina. To his utter dismay, he’d be spending an entire day with the octogenarian, with whom he had nothing in common, picking blackberries in the Mississippi heat. He is not impressed. True to form, Mama Glory has him up with the chickens, heading out to the blackberry groves, with no cell phone or any connection to the outside world. She rambles on for hours and hours on end, teaching him all about the land, the family history, how to pick blackberries and then how to make blackberry cobbler from scratch.

 As the day progresses, Jax finds himself in the presence of one of the most eccentric, eclectic, wisest, sages he’d ever met. While they walk and talk, picking and baking, she recounts her life story and family history, living and surviving the Jim Crow south, as she deposits volumes wisdom, knowledge and revelations on life into his very soul. As he listens and learns, Jax discovers that this encounter with Mama Glory would prove to be much more significant for him and for Nina, as family secrets are revealed and souls are unburdened in a way that literally changes the trajectory of his life.

 Blackberry Cobbler is a poignant family saga that redefines life, love and legacy in a fresh new way. 


About the Author


Apostle Melissa Mimi Ewell is a wife, mother, mentor,and friend. As the founder and facilitator of This Woman’s Heart Ministries and ManFast Ministries International, Apostle Mimi is a native of Los Angeles, California and has been blessed by God to minister on a worldwide platform. Apostle Mimi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has pursued graduated studies with the UCLA Anderson School of Business and the University of Phoenix. 

Over the past thirty years, Apostle Mimi has served in ministry as a teacher, ministry program administrator, youth leader, intercessor, revivalist, church planter, and various other capacities. In her professional life, Mimi has worked as a school teacher, parent educator, social services administrator, technical writer, corporate trainer, and an entrepreneur. 

As a celebrated author, her works inspire many to grow in faith and to pursue a lifestyle of purity, abstinence and fidelity as ordained by God. Among these works are the popular relationship novels, The Carondolette Family Series and the soon to be released works of Blackberry Cobbler and The ManFast Series. 

As a full-time apostolic missionary to Ghana, Ap. Mimi serves as a Women’s Empowerment Coordinator for the Organization of International Missionaries – OIM in Accra, Ghana. She also spends time serving and ministering in Kenya and South Africa. 



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