Book of the Day – A Family of Secrets by Venita Alderman Sadler

A Family of Secrets

Venita Alderman Sadler

Pages: 266



Renee is marrying her high school sweetheart Malik, who she had to literally fight to get. Even though they have been together for years; both of them and their families have secrets.

Renee is trying to keep it together after learning of her family’s betrayal; her payback can be deadly because she doesn’t handle disloyalty well.

Malik is trying his best to stay alive and keep all his secrets hidden. Will he learn that some secrets should never be kept and how lies can get you killed?


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About The Author


I’m Venita Alderman. I am an author, entrepreneur and mother of five young adults, who I enjoy spending time with playing games and watching movies. I love to cook and read books. I am a tea lover and enjoy sampling wine. I have always been creative so painting, making personalized items and gift baskets are some of my passions. #CreativityUnleashed

I have always enjoyed reading all types of genres and writing poetry. I’m an entrepreneur (4-5 Essentials) coming soon and released my debut novel “A Family of Secrets” April 2017 and novelette “Sister Grinch 2” November 2017.

My story “Online Secrets” is featured in The Ex-Chronicles anthology. I am a member of Victorious Ladies Reading Book Club and we have an anthology titled Turning Trials into Triumphs where my story “Daddy’s Girl” is featured. I am featured in a Christmas anthology titled All I want for Christmas where my story “Sister Grinch” is featured.

I have several journals titled; From Self Worth to Self Love, Vision Board, From Gloom to Gleeful, Tell Me Your Secrets, Gratitude, A Pieces to Peace Journey and A Bitter to Better Journey.

I’m originally from New Jersey but currently lives in North Carolina with my family. I hold degrees in Education, Business Management and an MBA.

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