That’s the Story of My Life – Stephanie R. Bridges Book Review

That’s the Story of My Life – Stephanie R. Bridges Book Review

About the Author


Stephanie R. Bridges is a spoken word artist, author, publisher and entrepreneur. She has published four children’s books. “If I Were Part of the Animal Kingdom” is about Khalil who loves animals, but doesn’t like being told what to do; “My Favorite Color is Blue” is about Asha who loves school and the color blue; and, “Fight the Air Guy” is about Jelani who is trying to figure out how he fits in, while simultaneously standing out; and “Can We All Just Get Along?” is about Nandi who uses music and song to help her siblings come together. These books are perfect for children up to eight years old. “Keep the Peace” is a compilation of young ladies from the age of 6 – 60 who share their stories, thoughts, and journeys regarding making the world a better place. “I SPaT” is Stephanie’s poetic autobiographical journey and suitable for adults. Purchase all six books to share with friends and family.



Stephanie R. Bridges is excited to announce the release of her latest book, “That’s the Story of My Life.” This is a book of short urban tales and other brief offerings perfect for the YA Reader in your life or YOU!

The stories are told through the eyes of male and female characters, young and old, in present day and from the ancestors. All of the stories are relatable and at least one or two will make you reflect, “That’s the Story of My Life.”


My Book Review

This short YA  is urban stories about characters that are males and females, young and old, and very likable.  I could relate to almost all the mini stories in the book. After each story I had to put the book down to reflect on my own life and take a look at myself in the mirror.

This book took me on an emotional roller coaster that all I could do was shout yes, Lord and ok Lord.  I like how the author named each chapter and trying to figure out the storyline and I get it now. Thank you Lord.  I really appreciate that. I like how the author wrote little insights between each of the chapters. I love the scriptures that were also incorporated into the book which enhance the story more.  I am waiting on more from the author. I give this inspirational book a five star rating. I recommend it to young people who are going through trials and tribulations and let them know that they are not alone.

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