Rewritten Lives Book Review – J. Elloit Howard

Rewritten Lives Book Review – J. Elloit Howard

rewritten lives

About the Author

Jerry Elliot Howard I was born in Findlay, Ohio. At the age of 16, my family moved to Sugar Land, TX. Shortly after moving, I began to write. No matter where I went, my writing followed. I wrote while attending the University Of Houston, transferring and graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, graduate school at Bowling Green State University, marriage, fatherhood, and all points in between. Poetry is my snapshot in time because words mean more than pictures to me. They allow me to look, remember, and truly embrace each new experience. I love the city of Houston. Houston is where I met my wife, and where my son was born. Writing has enabled me to express myself thoroughly and creatively. Life is more than “happy love.” At times, I have had to say good-bye. Sometimes, I have had to give chase. In other situations, I have had to sit still. Nevertheless, in all of the places I have lived, and moments I have experienced, all are worthwhile.




Rewritten Lives is a book of poetry that touches the cycle of life. As on lives life, letting go, learning lessons, rough times, standing again, rebuilding, loving, and completion are the facets that keep repeating. As the heart grows, the spirit gets stronger, and these poems are the notes of development. 


Book Review


This is a collection of poems that takes a journey through the life of the author and the lessons he learns.  The book is inspirational, reflecting, and very emotional – it really takes you on an emotional roller coaster.  I love how this was written. The poems were left and right aligned and sometimes it was centered.Those positions made the poems more profound. The cover of the book is so pretty. It is a picture of a beautiful sunset.  The title, Rewritten Lives, which I think we have to rewrite our lives until it is aligned with God’s. The poems were like someone telling a story and was fast paced. I really enjoyed how it reflects on issues of life. The poems in the book were about meaningful relationships the author had endured during his life.  I could relate well to the poems that were sentimental, profound, and heartwarming. Your emotions will be all over the place once you finish the book. There are life lessons you can take from this book. I felt the author’s sincerity through the pages and I appreciate that. Overall, this book of poetry was heartfelt and I believe what the author was saying, doing, and feeling by the end of the book.  I do recommend this book to anyone who is reflecting on their lives and trying to figure life out. I like how the author was transparent and vulnerable in this book. It showed throughout the book which made me fall in love with some of the poems. I rate this book four out of five stars. I am waiting on more from this author.


Book Trailer: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/802659021285704

Blog Talk Radio Interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/deliciousradio/20100620how-to-rewrite-your-life-with-j-elliot-howard

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rewritten/372263284211?ref=ts

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