A Broken Child Saved by God’s Grace: Silence can Destroy You Book Review – Sheila Dorsey

A Broken Child Saved by God’s Grace: Silence can Destroy You – Sheila Dorsey


About the Author

Sheila Dorsey is a freelance author of short fiction and some poetry. She’s a United States Army veteran. She’s received her master’s degree in Public Administration from Barry University. She grew up in Florida and enjoys spending time with family and dining out.


Sheila Dorsey hopes to be the voice of those who have had a rough childhood and have carried those burdens into adulthood, in silence. Silence is not the key! Some take it all to the grave. The main character in A Broken Child Saved by God’s Grace planned to as well until her past began to haunt her.


Book Review

This is the author’s first book and I am really impressed. This was a fast paced story about a girl named Tina.  This story took us on a journey of a child who went through too many “adventures” to get where she was going. I could relate  because it was real life. The writing style was well detailed and I could comprehend. I know this was a hard read and I applaud the author for a job well done,  The title does tells us how this story is going to relate to the characters in the book. The cover is beautiful and does tell you what the book is going to be about.  The characters were literally silent and I wish the main character would have spoken out more but this was her reality. We need to as a society to break that silence code and talk more openly about these issues as a community. I didn’t like how it kept doing like flashbacks and just didn’t needed to be added to the story.  Tina’s story was already rough and heart wrenching. The characters were well developed and descriptive. I can relate because they were characters that were real and authentic. The characters had me on an emotional journey that I had to put the book down several times. Overall, Tina suffer in silence as a child and really didn’t have to.  I give this book a rating of 3 stars because of the grammatical errors but overall it was a great story line. I recommend this book to young women and men going through obstacles and adversaries. I am waiting to read more from this author.


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