Holistic Recipes – Priest’s Crown Roast Coffee

Thank you for joining me this month with delicious dishes, desserts, and drinks from Author Kim Robinson.  Today I am featuring a Holistic Recipe Priest’s Crown Roast  for your last Taste Tuesday palate for July. I really hope you enjoy and will go over to Amazon to purchase both cookbooks from Author Kim Robinson.

Holistic Recipes

Welcome to my section. As a Master Herbalist I present these tasty recipes to demonstrate how good nutrition can also mean good flavor. Note that these recipes are not for the chronically ill, but for those in the normal health. For special health needs and herbal healing info please see my website for more information. Kick off your shoes, sit back, relax, and expect to have your imaginary taste buds tantalized? Never! Slip on your flip flops, roll up your sleeves… pull out that mixing bowl and old iron skillet, grab the EVO, turn on some O’jays, Eagles, Steeley Dan or Aretha (insert your favorite Artist of choice) grab the old apron and let’s get poppin… Bon Appetit!

Priest’s Crown Roast

coffee kim

Coffee drinkers… Drink Priest Crown Instead!

Priest Crown is an Herbal name for Dandelion Roots. The word Dandelion Means “Tooth of the Lion” and is named so because of the leafs shape. When I was growing up I had a love-hate relationship with dandelions… I loved to hate them! Now that I am an herbalist I love loving them as one of my favorite detoxification herbs for the kidney and colon. Delicious as a roasted coffee too… Bon Appetit!

A fist full of cleaned, chopped up and dried dandelion roots (Endive roots, can be used in place of dandelion roots) They are larger and mature in one single growing season, whereas dandelions require several years to make the harvest worthwhile – The taste is the same).

If you just have capsules of Dandelion roots from the herb store, it works also. Just empty 3 capsules per cup desired into the skillet before heating it. Then roast them in a cast iron pan with the element on high, stirring constantly for uniform roasting.  When they first start to smoke they are done. If it is pre-ground and from a capsule, remove from skillet and cool then use as ground coffee. If cut pieces use a coffee grinder then drip coffee maker. Few in life things are better than Priest’s Crown Roasted in a cast iron pan.


1 Serving


10 mins


2 hrs


2 hrs 10 mins

 1 Bunch of washed, chopped, dried and roasted dandelion roots or endive roots

 1 Dried in oven and roasted in a cast iron skillet

 Drip coffee maker filters or you can substitute the herb from inside dandelion capsules roasted in cast iron pan Xylitol or Stevia to taste.

Purchase here:


Website:  www.foodforthesoulrecipes.com

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