Book of the Day – Paradise Dreams by J Hale Turner



Today I have the book of the day.  The name of the book is Paradise Dreams by J Hale Turner.  This is a great summer beach book.  Go purchase and read today.  Thanks for coming by.




In her spare time, she continues to enjoy the association of family and friends in addition to her tranquil moments reading by the fireplace during the crisp winter or on her back porch enjoying nature during the warmer seasons.

In addition to writing, she serves as a caregiver for a family member and offers assistance to those new to the responsibility. “Through training and experience, I find it a joy to share what I’ve learned with others. Now they know what to expect as well as abide by health guidelines in caring for a loved one.”

She encourages reading to the elderly. “Reading to our elders is not in vain. As long as they can still hear us or just feel our touch to assure our presence, they are comforted to know that they are not alone. An inspiring story read to them will lift their spirits and grant them comfort.” Ms Turner believes that caring for the sick along with personal prayer and daily Bible reading have opened her heart to fully appreciate the needs of others. “Applying the fruitage of the spirit according to Galations 5:22,23 was a true wake-up call for me in dealing with various situations. Daily application helped me grow stronger spiritually and emotionally.”

Gardening, sketching and a bit of photography are her other passions. On good sunny mornings, she can be found on her back porch with a cup of java and her laptop. She lives with her family and their dog, Rikki, in North Carolina.



Melanie Harris returns to the United States after recuperating from a tumultuous marriage, to care for her aging parents and maintain her writing career. During a visit to New York she is robbed, and before her attacker can pursue his other interest in her, Melanie is rescued by a handsome stranger. In the ensuring chaos, they are separated, leaving her to wonder if she will ever see him again.


Kendall Myers, handsome bachelor and owner of the fabulous White Sands Villas in Ocho Rios, spends life focusing on his work, his precocious eleven-year-old daughter, and his doting Aunt Beth. While in New York on business, he rescues a beautiful woman from a robbery, but before he can learn her name, she runs away, puzzling both Kendall and the police.

Paradise Dreams offers readers an inside view of two people who learn that it takes endurance, patience and forgiveness to regain faith in opening one’s heart to love.



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