Book To Read in 2019 – Hannah by Zaria Garrison

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Zaria Garrison


Pastor Hannah Grayson holds the distinction of being the first female pastor to lead the congregation at Greater St. Luke Fellowship in Atlanta Georgia.

Overcoming a child hood in the projects and growing up in foster care she attended college at Fort Valley State College, and received her master’s in theology from Gammon Theological Seminary.

During her tenure as pastor, Greater St. Luke’s congregation has grown in leaps and bounds with over 100 new members in three years. They’ve started a summer camp for low income teens, a food and clothing bank for the underprivileged, a young adult choir, and senior ladies dance ministry. Due to the growth, the church board hired an associate pastor, a youth pastor, and a full security team. She’s been approached by a television station to broadcast her sermons to millions across the internet.

As an unmarried female pastor she’s faced and overcome many challenges and she knows that it will take God’s hand to guide her through her latest one…Through no fault of her own, Hannah is three months pregnant.



Zaria Garrison Bio

Zaria Garrison is from Greenville County, SC. Her first novel Baring it All was published by under her birth name, Gena Garrison. God transformed her into a Christian Fiction author and changed her name to Zaria.

She has been listed as an Amazon and Black Expressions Best-selling Christian fiction author. Her debut novel Prodigal was nominated for Christian Fiction Book of the year 2010 by SORMAG (Shades of Romance) as well as Zaria was nominated for Christian Fiction Author of the year.


  1.  What inspired you to write this book?

Hannah is a tribute to female pastors. I was inspired by my own pastor, as well as friends I have who are ministers. Their walk is different than a man’s when preaching, teaching and serving and I wanted to bring attention to that.


2.  What do you want readers to take from it?

I would like for readers to remember to always be who God called them to be, and not afraid to tell their truth, no matter what it is. Hannah has to fight to be accepted as a minister, and to be able to tell her truth. God helps her to do this.


 3.  What is next for you?

Hannah is my 9th novel, so I am researching turning some or all of my books into stage productions and possibly movies. I also plan to continue writing stories inspired by the Bible with the intent to entertain while bringing people closer to God.

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