Bell Bottom High Senior Sins Book 4 – BJ Williams by BJ Williams Book Review

Bell Bottom High Senior Sins Book 4 – BJ Williams


In the final explosive episode of Bell Bottom High, Reecy Jones is a seventeen-year-old senior preparing to graduate at the top of her class in 1977. That is until one of the new teachers in Clifton, Arkansas, accuses her of committing an academic sin. Now she’s in danger of being expelled and having to repeat part of her senior year in summer school.

With time running out, can Reecy prove the false charges against her in time to graduate as the class valedictorian or not?


Book Review:

As a senior, Reecy, is faced with a sin so powerful that she is  rocked to her core. Her academics are in jeopardy and she must faced all these obstacles coming at her all at once.  Will she overcome one or all of them? If it is one thing, it is another.

I am really digging the 4 book covers in the series.  I like how Reecy has decorated each bell bottom pants pocket like we used to do back in the day. Lol.  This series is so relatable, unpredictable, and I can identify with all the characters in the story. These books also took me down memory lane. I loved it.

I just want Barbara Joe to know she did not disappoint.  Thanks for the memories.

I recommend this series and I  give book 4 its 5 stars.


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