Bell Bottom High Junior Jewels Book 3 – BJ Williams by BJ Williams Book Review

Bell Bottom High Junior Jewels Book 3 – BJ Williams


Another drama unfolds at Bell Bottom High as Reecy Jones turns sixteen years old during the 1975-76 school year and is allowed to start dating. However, her life gets turned upside down after going out on a group date with her classmates. What happens next could change her life forever. Reecy is struggling to maintain her dignity with a little help from her friends.

Always known as a good girl, can Reecy save her tainted reputation and finish up the school year with her head held high?


Book Review:

Reecy is now 16 years old and ready to date. Her going out on a group date will change her life and now she is the one in need of help.  She is a intelligent, funny, and good girl and wants to save her reputation.

I love how  the author, Barbara Joe, incorporated those oldies but goodies songs in the story.  Like I said before, the stories are so unpredictable that I can so relate to all the characters.  This series is well developed and well written. I love the story-line. This has been a series of true friendships and teenagers taking responsibility and I am loving it.

I like how the author is putting real life issues into the story that made me read this book 3 in one setting also.  I do recommend this book not only to teenagers and the 70 and 80 babies. I give it a 5 star rating. Now onto book 4, Bell Bottom High: Senior Sins.

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