Bell Bottom High: Book 1: Freshman Fears BJ Williams Book Review

Bell Bottom High: Book 1: Freshman Fears by BJ Williams


The Bell Bottom High series introduces Reecy Jones, a book-smart, fourteen-year-old, high school freshman, attending Bell High School in the fictional town of Clifton, Arkansas. In this first book, one of Reecy’s classmates, Lena Turnipseed, comes to her for advice in the fall of 1973. Lena is pregnant and wants to run away from home to avoid embarrassing her professional parents, getting kicked out of her church, and attending an alternative school across town.

Reecy reluctantly agrees to help her classmate find a shelter for unwed mothers where Lena can hide out until after the baby is born. Although Reecy and Lena are not really friends, Reecy swears to keep the location a secret while Lena plots a getaway plan.

When the pressure mounts, will Reecy keep Lena’s secret or will it be too much for her to handle?

Book Review:

Reecy Jones is a freshmen at Bell High School. It is set in the 70’s and this book brought back memories from that era. This character I could relate to her because I was her.  In this book, Reecy helps an acquaintance overcome an obstacle when she had her own issues to deal with. This is what you called a “true friend”. Reecy had strong family values that were well written and developed in the story line.   I now know why the author titled it Freshmen Fears.  When you start a new chapter in your life, there is always fears to overcome. I really like how the author made the characters realistic and relatable to her readers.  The author tackles the teenage years with peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, crushes, relationships, and friendships. A job well done. I give this book a 5 star rating.

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