Book Review: Answered Prayers – Tammy Cross



Answered Prayers – Tammy Cross


Sally Jones had been forced to live the life she was handed. Being young didn’t protect her from the many obstacles she was to face. After Sally’s parents were killed, she was left in the care of her Christian Grandmother Mary Johnson. Mary did her best to instill the values of God into her only granddaughter and do the best that she could to raise her even in her old age.

Sally felt like all her prayers were answered when her Aunt Rachael walked back into the lives of her and her grandmother but that would only be short lived. After being raped Sally felt like life was forever changed and didn’t know how she was going to get through such a horrible ordeal. She knew once again that she had to take her prayers to God, but would He answer them yet again?

It was time to decide and after coming back to Christ her eyes would been opened to what God’s plans for her life were. Would it be too late for Sally or would she be able to use those trying times to help those who needed it more than she did?


I have never heard anything by this author before and it will not be my last. This book really ministered to me. I cried, laughed, got mad, and prayed throughout this book. It had me on an emotional roller coaster and I really enjoyed the ride. Sally had a loving and praying grandmother and a caring and praying Aunt Rachel. This book was sad in some parts, but God never make mistakes and is always on time. The young people in the story really lean and depend in God, which was amazing. I really enjoyed the story line and I could really relate to the characters and what they went through.

I am going to give this book 4 stars because of some many grammatical errors.




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