Nelly Pig´s Funny Birthday Surprise (Nelly Pig´s Life Book 1)  By Ingo Blum Book Review


Nelly Pig´s Funny Birthday Surprise (Nelly Pig´s Life Book 1)  By Ingo Blum


Nelly the pig and Carlos the duck is living on an old farm. They are best friends. But Nelly is lazy, and Carlos always plays the “big boss”. The day before Carlos’s birthday, Nelly’s lazy ways and Carlos’s bossiness cause a big argument and Carlos takes off on his holidays.

He never went on holidays before!

Afraid that Carlos will make new friends and leave her forever, Nelly decides to make him the biggest, best birthday cake ever! Everybody on the farm wants to help. But things don’t quite go according to Nelly’s plans.

Will Carlos even come home?

The vivid color illustrations of this chapter book make reading very easy and fun. The text is simple and suitable for an early age. This story shall help children appreciate the value of friends and friendship. In addition, it will capture children’s interest and imagination and inspire a lifelong love of literature and reading.


This is a picture book about a friendship with Carlos, the duck and Nelly, the pig. Carlos is the organized friend and Nelly is the lazy friend who lives on a farm together. Carlos and Nelly have a disagreement and they separate for a day, but tomorrow is Nelly’s birthday.

I love how all the characters are well developed, friendly, and realistic. The dialogue among the characters are believable. All the farm animals in the story are getting along and being supportive of Carlos and the surprise birthday party.

The illustrations are detailed and colorful. I love how the illustrations are going along with the story to keep the story interesting.

The book shows the readers how to have manners, shows teamwork, forgiveness, friendships, and loyalty. It shows how being lonely is okay when you are upset and need time to yourself.

I recommend this book to children, parents, caregivers, and educators. I give this book 5 stars.

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.

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