Something Beautiful – Kathy Coman Book Review

Something BeautifulKathy Coman 


Roger was a chocolate, handsome man whose personality was contagious. Danielle was a gorgeous, independent, God-fearing woman just what Roger had been looking for all these years. He was a single man with no kids who loved to work with kids and had a relationship with God but had become tired of the everyday woman that tried to get his attention. She was a Senior Client Account Manager, who was also active in the church’s praise team and dance ministry. She was lonely and was ready to be in a relationship but was afraid of the risk. Then they met at a volunteer opportunity she had signed up for and from there neither one could walk away.



Something Beautiful by Kathy Coman was my first read by the author and will not be my last. Danielle and Roger fell in love and worked through many obstacles. I really like how the story moved along smoothly. Some of the other characters in the story I really didn’t care for. I think their relationship was doomed from the start.

I give it 3 stars.

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