It Won’t Prosper: A Parable on Infidelity in Marriage – Genevieve Woods Book Review


It Won’t Prosper: A Parable on Infidelity in Marriage   Genevieve Woods




What causes a happily married Christian husband to commit adultery? How can the betrayed wife continue to honor her husband after the betrayal? What does a couple do when the other woman doesn’t accept that the affair is over?

Janine and Seth Owens find themselves searching for the answers and more. In this powerful short story, watch lives be changed forever as a couple fights against weapons of natural and spiritual form, to stay together after the ultimate betrayal. The battle won’t be easily won, when the pregnant mistress is a woman scorned and out to get what’s hers. As a special bonus, my first novel All I’ll Ever Ask is included in the Kindle format for a limited time.


This story is about the power of forgiveness. Janine was a wife but won’t accept divorce as an option. She would fight with the Lord to keep her marriage. She has a big heart because with what Monica put her through. I would have ended that craziness. I feel sad for Seth because of his struggles. I really enjoyed this book. It really spoke to me. This book deals with having faith, trust, and believing. This nook showed true commitment to relationships and marriage. The writing style was on point and I could relate.

I give these 5 stars and I highly recommend this book.

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