Book Spotlight and Review – Winter Reunion by Rhonda McKnight


Winter Reunion by Rhonda McKnight


Everyone knows the woman in the “viral” video that hit two million views on YouTube. Humiliated, Tamar Johnson changed her name and disappeared behind the embarrassing video that captured her losing her virginity on prom night. But who was the guy?

NFL Running Back Stephen Pierce is football’s darling. He’s spent his entire career doing community service work with at-risk kids, and endeared fans as a devoted Christian, even claiming celibacy. It’s time for his high school reunion. Stephen is determined to get his EX, Tamar, to come out of hiding, even going as far as posting their prom picture on Instagram in hopes that she would accept the challenge to show up.

Tamar isn’t interested in the reunion, but her boss is. She writes for a small magazine. Stephen Pierce is a BIG story.
With reunion activity in full swing, the tension between Tamar and Stephen reaches an unbearable level. Before it’s over will the world find out who the real Stephen Pierce is? And will Tamar survive spending time with the only man who’s ever had her heart?




This book was a quick, holiday read with a powerful, inspirational testimony. I will be reading more from the author in the future.

Tamar Johnson, journalist, and Stephone Pierce, a famous football player were buddies since elementary school.  An uncompromising situation sent Tamar running away and changing her name.  Stephone is loving life and his lavish lifestyle but missing his childhood friend.  Years later, Tamar must go home and interview The Stephone Pierce. I didn’t like how that Stephon was arrogant attitude and Tamar’s family was so distant and considered her so bitter.

I loved how the scriptures were sprinkled throughout the story.  This story was about strength, encouragement, inspiring, and very enlightening.  The themes for this book was forgiveness, grace, healing, [ride, faith, and resolution.

I really enjoyed the overall story and it really ministered to me.  I give this story 4 stars.  I do recommend this book.


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