Book Spotlight and Review – A Cougar for Christmas by Barbara Joe Williams

A Cougar for Christmas by Barbara Joe Williams





Widowed at 58 years old, Christina Johnson had never imagined herself as a cougar. But after meeting the fine young club promoter, Miles Middleton, she just might become A Cougar for Christmas.

Brighten your holidays with this romantic Christmas short story.



This short Christmas story was very delightful.  But anything by this author is enjoyable.  I love the cover and title of this book.  I like how the author broke down the story down by dates leading up to Christmas Day.  The story line captures your attention from the beginning all the way to the end.  The setting was on point and very detailed.

Christina Johnson is a 58-year-old modern day widow living her best life. She has a grown daughter, Nene that is her ride or die chick. Christina was a teacher but now a high school principal who is single and wants it to stay that way.

Miles Middleton is young man that owns a restaurant/bar.  He’s single and ready to mingle with a mature woman.

The themes in this story is love, trust issues, loneliness, adult scenes, and having faith.  The dialogue and characters in the story are realistic, vivid, and detailed.  The characters seemed like they are one of your next-door neighbors.  I love how the author was able to take a very short story and put so much detail in it. I could have been in the room with any one of those characters because it felt so real. I like how the story flowed and was consistent.  Now I didn’t know the author was going to take it there, but it was in “good taste”. I know this was intended to be a short story, but I wanted more especially about the daughter Nene and what happened on Christmas Day.  I recommend  and give it 4 stars.

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