Book Spotlight and Review – Lie to Me (Nothing But the Truth Book 2 ) Michelle Lindo-Rice

Lie to Me (Nothing But the Truth Book 2 ) Michelle Lindo-Rice



A marriage on the rocks, a wedding in the works, and the woman who will change all their lives.

Sydney and Noah Charleston are joyful they are about to become parents. But a scary possibility threatens to shake up their marriage especially when Sydney learns Noah has kept even more lies from her. Will she be able to forgive this time?
Monica Riley has a dangerous love for Lance Forbes which is why she stayed away from him. But when she is offered a large sum of cash, Monica returns to town to rekindle her romance with Lance. Will Monica get back her man?
Belinda Santiago and Lance Forbes are deep into wedding preparations while struggling to remain celibate. When Lance’s old flame stirs up mischief, Will their love survive?
Portia Hendricks has a crush on the new office hottie, Nathaniel Lyons. The problem is Nathaniel has his eyes on Sydney. Worse yet, Sydney seems flattered by his charms. Will she be able to keep her best friend out of trouble?
The 2nd book of the Nothing But the Truth series will keep you guessing until it’s stunning conclusion. One thing is certain at the end of this read, nothing will ever be the same.

lie to me


Lie to Me is the second book of Nothing but the Truth series. Wellllllll the lies and deceit continue in book two. The characters were well developed and realistic. Noah and Sydney are now married and pregnant. Portia is a hot mess. All she wants to do is have fun. But she is in store for something different. Belinda and Lance are engaged and trying to deal with remaining celibate until marriage. Monica is cray cray. She thinks she hears a word from the Lord but oh is she wrong. I really wanted to slap and shake her a couple of times throughout the book. She is so delusional and evil. Clarendon is about the same as Monica. I can’t comprehend why a “father” would act like that. Nathaniel plays a major part of the story, but I don’t care for him. The character I loved the most is Gramps.

I read this book in 2 days because I had to find out what happened. I had a prediction, but I was totally wrong. I had to remind myself this was a fiction book and not reality. I laughed, cried, got angry and mad but I didn’t see what was to come.

I really enjoyed Lie to Me from the beginning to the end. Ms. Michelle you did your thang again. Thanks for another great read. I give these book ***** 5 stars.

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