Book Spotlight and Review – If These Trees Could Talk – Brian W Smith

If These Trees Could Talk – Brian W Smith



Josh and Stevie are two eleven year old boys who appear to be different. Josh is white, Stevie is black. Josh is poor, Stevie if from a middle class family. But, these two boys have one thing in common – they both are being molested by their mother’s boyfriends. The two boys make a decision to get rid of their abusers once and for all…but will they be able to get away with their revenge?

if these trees


This story was amazing. I have also wondered the same thing. If treed could really talk, oh boy, what would they say? They would have some interesting stories to tell. Josh and Stevie are best friends. They both are fifth graders and 10 years old but live on different sides of the track. Both have a deep, dark secret among each other. Their mom’s boyfriends are molesting them, and they have a plan. The woods and the trees are their sacred place and a place of solace. The themes of the story are child molestation, forgiveness, anger, sexual, verbal, and physical abuse, love, alcoholism, murder, parent incarceration, poverty, and dysfunctional and disconnection with family. This book had me laughing out (office Fife) to sad and from happy to cry. I give this book 5 stars. Mr. Smith, I hope there’s a book 2 coming soon.

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