Book Spotlight and Review -Loving Luke – Cecelia Dowdy

Loving Luke – Cecelia Dowdy



When unemployed, brokenhearted Kim returns to Bethlehem she’s stunned when she encounters her ex-beau, Luke. A widowed, single-father, Luke is failing Calculus. Can Kim tutor him? Luke has already hurt her once, so, can she find the courage to trust him again?




Kim returns to her hometown of Bethlehem to help run her father’s bakery. She really doesn’t want to return but her Dad needs her. Luke, her high school ex-boyfriend shows up at the bakery……..

Kim does know if she can trust again. While Luke needs help with a problem…. will love to find them again?

This is a very short read that I really enjoyed. I smiled through the whole story. When you have God and prayer everything well works out for the good. The characters were well developed, and I loved them. I want to see more from this story developed.

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