Book Spotlight and Review – Secrets, Lies, and Cover up by L.R. Jackson

Secrets, Lies, and Cover up by L.R. Jackson



On the surface, Leah Rawson appears to have it all. She has a great career, a wonderful marriage, and a bright future. However, looks can be deceiving and although Leah and her husband Brenden are successful, they have grown apart. She wants nothing more than to get her marriage back on track to how it used to be, but the more she tries, the more he seems to resist and the lonelier she becomes. In walks the sexy and charming Antonio Blake. He gives her an offer she can’t refuse: companionship and sex with no strings attached. What she doesn’t know is that Antonio has an agenda, and Leah soon finds herself telling lies, keeping secrets, and trapped in the middle of a cover-up orchestrated by those closest to her.



I have never read anything by this author but now I am curious about the continuation of this book. As I was reading I said so predictable but boy was I wrong. It has so many twist and turns it leaves you in a knot (in a good way). I was mad, sad, upset, and happy throughout the book. I loved the story line. It was very well developed. The characters were realistic and easy to relate to. Waiting on part 2. Great read. I give it 5 stars.

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