Book Spotlight and Review – Blessed by Betrayal – Zaria Garrison

Blessed by Betrayal – Zaria Garrison



When Zealina Gillespie’s children grew up and left home, she fought the onslaught of empty nest syndrome by enrolling in college courses. Now, a breast health navigator, she finally feels as if her life has purpose again.

Andreana Black, a young single mother of two, has just been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. When she tearfully asks Zealina, “Who’s going to love my babies after I’m dead?” Zealina decides that she and her husband Corey are the answer.
After adopting the children, Zealina finds herself questioning her marriage and her love for her new children, while wondering if she can see God’s blessings through a cloudy haze of betrayal.


First time reading something from this author. The title and the cover got my attention, so I had to read it.

Zealina is a breast health navigator who has empty nest syndrome. She meets her patient Andreana. Adreanna is a single mom of two kids who is dying of cancer. All she wants is a nice home going service and a loving home for her children. The twists and turns in this story was unexpected. I really enjoyed and loved this story. I really understood why the author named the title. I give it 5 stars.

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