Book Review: Hannah’s Story – Denise Walker

Hannah’s Story – Denise Walker

hannah's hope


This story is about a 12-year-old girl named Hannah that has a secret.  She  can’t tell anyone her horrible secret because it’s too painful and it will affect her life again. Hannah thinks she doesn’t have family support or protection, but she does have people that truly love her.

This story really ministered to me.  While I was reading Hannah’s Hope I felt like I knew who Hannah was.  I wanted to help her out in her situation.  I could feel her pain even though I have never encountered this before.  I really became engrossed in Hannah’s story that I had an emotional breakdown. What does she supposed to do about her secret?  Keep quiet or be exposed and be hurt again?

I recommend this book to teenagers, parents, coaches, and educators who teach middle schoolers.  I like how the author was descriptive and captured the true essence of any young teenager. Also, I like how the author incorporated scriptures throughout the story. The cover of this book is so gorgeous, and it really depicts how I envision Hannah. This story is about secrets, rejection, abandonment, identity, and sexual abuse. There is a discussion guide that goes with the book that can further discussion which I encourage.

I give this story 5 stars.  I am waiting on book 2.


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