Book Review: I SPaT – Stephanie R Bridges

I SPaT – Stephanie R Bridges

I Spat Book Cover

This is the first time reading this author but will not be my last.  I can relate to the author in ways that I comprehend to some of the poems. The author was very transparent  throughout the book of poetry.  Some of her poems really resonated with me while some poems ministered to me and I loved it.  My favorite poems in the book were Cell Mate, Rape, and Jesus.

I like the style of writing the author used in her book.  I could understand how she felt in certain situations.  The poems give me insight into my own life to the possibilities that there will be storms passing through.

The sections in this book told a different story with a collection of poems in each one. The intros of each section were right on point and went with the poems. The author is teaching how to become a better you.  I really enjoyed reading each section and relating to some of the sections.  I understand the messages and love how the author incorporated Bible scriptures relating back to each poem.


These poems were written openly, personally, and beautifully.  Thanks for allowing me to see myself in you and your incredible work.  I know now that I can walk this journey with help too.  Thanks for letting me see I am only in this darkness for a while, but I will persevere.


This book had me on an emotional roller coaster for several days.  This book made me cry, laugh, get mad, shout “My God, My God”, and made me smile.  Thanks for the ride and I am looking forward to the journey.

I do recommend this book.  I give it 5 stars.






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