Book Review: Walk in Your Authority – Allison G. Daniels

Walk in Your Authority – Allison G Daniels


This is a step by step guide to walking in your own authority with wholeness and self-awareness.  The  author was transparent in her journey through her storm and came out on top. The author gives me reassurance to press forward.

I have been encouraged and challenge to take the necessary tips and tools to reach my potential in authority. I am asking God to guide me in my truth and I can walk into my authority with purpose. I am going to start following the steps such as surrender all to Him and make alone time to hear His voice.

This book helps you with growth and development you need to be in the walk with God.  I am learning to understand how-to walk-in authority with the steps in this book.  While reading this book you will be restored, renewed, and revitalized.  You will be taking the next level to your destiny.

This year I said one of my goals is to learn to say “no”.  In this book, one of the steps says allow yourself to say no.  Thanks for the confirmation.  It also states to keep a journal, so I will be going out and purchasing a journal soon.

Now that I have finished reading the book I will be taking these tools from the book and applying it to my life.  I want to walk in authority and wholeness.

I recommend this book to others.  I give this book 5 star.


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