Put A Ring On It – Allison Hobbs Book Review

Put A Ring on It – Allison Hobbs


This is the first time reading a book by this author. It was excited but nervous. I usually don’t read this genre, but I wanted to give it a try. I was not disappointed.

This story is about three sister friends Nivea, Vangie, and Harlow. They will do just about anything to get a ring on it!

Nivea is a successful businesswoman who is engaged to a loser and lost within her own world. She is so destructive in her relationships to even care about herself or anyone else for that matter. She wants to upstage her own sister and even pays for her own ring! Will she be lost in destruction or come out alive? Vangie has a deadbeat baby daddy who resurfaces after some many years. She is jealous of her friends and lonely. She desperately wants to get married and is blind to the fact but only wants “family”. Is playing house what she really wants to do? Harlow’s childhood was hard, but she lives in a fairy tale. She falls for Drake, a rich businessman. Will she overlook her values and morals just to be married?

The themes are verbal abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, depression, and low esteem issues. The story line flows smoothly and is well written.

The character development was on point. Each character was distinct, relatable, and unpredictable. I could relate to each character in the story and understand their point of views even though they were destructive.

I do recommend this book for some juicy drama. I give it four stars, and this will not be my last time reading anything by this author.

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