Arise from the Ashes – Paulette Harper Book Review

Arise from the Ashes – Paulette Harper

arise from the ashes

This inspirational book was about different women journey from trails and tribulations to a purpose in life.  These women weathered the storm and came out on to with faith and prayers.  Thanks for baring it all and keeping me grounded.

Their stories really ministered to my heart and soul.  I took away something from all the women in the book.  When you belong to god you get the best in life.  I must step out on faith to get god’s promises.  Growth comes when you get the full picture.  You can’t become healthy until you the bad tree is uprooted by planting a good fruitful seed.

I really needed to hear some of the wisdom the authors were telling me.  This book opened my eyes to see I am not in this alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I recommend this to women who are going through the storm and the menfolk. You are not alone and through surrendering, faith, and prayer you will become free.

Thank you ladies for such an inspirational and for all your encouragement throughout the book.  Thank you for your words of wisdom and being able to open your heart and soul up in the book to help others. My name is Queenie.  I give this book 5 stars.


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