Guilty of Love – Pat Simmons Book Review

Guilty of Love – Pat Simmons


This story was woven with love, the presence of God, forgiveness, healing, scriptures, and African American history. I thoroughly enjoyed how the author incorporated the scriptures throughout the story.  This really inspired me.

Cheney had blinders on because of her past hurts and experiences. Parke wanted the love but not before what God wanted for him. Grandma BB was the neighbor who was always in someone’s business. Annette was a little overbearing.  Malcolm and Hallison were truly in love and I like that aspect of their story. I love Kami and Grandma BB.  They were my favorites.

All the characters were bold, relatable, memorable, and I could comprehend their personalities.  The characters in the story really loved each other.  There were some dysfunctional which is to be expected.  One character had left God while the other never had a Godly relationship at all.  This was a struggle and sort of a tug-of-war n the story.  Was this for the love of God or man?

The writing style was on point and understandable.  I really enjoyed the story overall.  I recommend this book.  I give it 5 stars.

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