Book Spotlight – A Date with Destiny – Lutishia Lovely



A Date with Destiny – Lutishia Lovely


SYNOPSIS – Can this couple survive life’s tests and end up with a testimony? Only time will tell…

Nathaniel and Destiny Thicke are celebrating their first year anniversary as pastor and first lady of Divine Grace Community Center. After dealing with their share of drama, the couple believes there is only smooth sailing ahead. But when an old nemesis resurfaces, a church deacon becomes obsessed and a best friend’s dream life starts to unravel, the Thickes begin to wonder if theirs is a date with destiny or another season of scandal.



REVIEW – I really enjoyed this book.  I have enjoyed all this authors’ other books and this one did not disappoint.

Nate, the pastor, and Destiny, his loving wife are trying to live the Christian life the right way, but trouble always come knocking at your door. Their pastoral clan is standing behind them but there’s always someone in sheep’s clothing nearby.

This story is about dysfunctional families, repentance, forgiveness, sexual abuse, bullying, spousal abuse, alcoholism, and dishonesty.

The characters were realistic, and I could relate to some of them. I loved most of the characters, but I felt sorrow and hurt for Janice. The story line was good and went smoothly.

There were a lot of twist and turns in the story. It was a real page turner for me. The author had me on an emotional roller coaster- one minute anxious and the next minute ready to fight. I really enjoyed the ride though. I loved how all the couples in the story were Christian friends who helped and loved each other.

I love how the author incorporated the title “A Date with Destiny’ into the story line and I was inspired by the lyrics to the song. Destiny’s testimony was right on point and I loved it, sister to sister. I could only read on my PC, so I would rush home every night, so I could read. I read past my bedtime to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Great read.

RATING – 5 stars

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