Book Spotlight – The Resolution – Michelle Lindo-Rice


The Resolution by Michelle Lindo Rice


SYNOPSIS  –  When Geneva Samson’s fiancé breaks up with her via text message, she resolves she will not allow this heartbreak to discourage her. So, she posts a wanted ad on her social media page for a ‘stand-in’ to go with her on what would have been her honeymoon to Montego Bay, Jamaica, for the New Year. She never expected to become an overnight sensation. Geneva receives over 1,000 offers by men bearing the same name. When the ultimate bad boy of showbiz volunteers, will this good girl grant his request?
Joshua James has been on tour for fifteen months and is tired of the fast life, fast food and fast women. He resolves that after the New Year, he will make some much-need lifestyle changes. When he sees the ad, the lure of relaxing at the luxurious Iberia Star in Montego Bay calls out to him and he decides to put his name in the mix. He could use a vacation from the spotlight. But when he meets the woman behind the ad, will he settle for being her stand-in or will he want a taste of the real thing?






REVIEW – Michelle you always seem to amaze me. Your stories and books are always on point. This book really spoke to my heart and I want to thank you for that. This book was both spiritual and physically anointing. I really got my praise on throughout the book. Some of the things the author said in this book really ministered to me personally. The most profound statement you made in the book was, Be patient. I am worth the wait. Thank you, thank you.

Geneva has a fiancé that breaks their engagement two weeks before the wedding via text. Who does that? But she has a plan set in place for another namesake to take his place – Joshua James, on a trip with her. Joshua is a celebrity who answered her plea and must make a “Godly” choice. But is he the real deal Geneva expected him to be?

Resolution, the title could be the theme of the book. To get a solution you must solve the issue. Standing her ground Geneva made the solution to let go and let God but does that really help? The author’s 4 F’s were also the themes for this story. Faith – Joshua had to have faith to let the fear go. He was so hungry for the word. He needed to let go and let God bring him out to be a man that treat Geneva with dignity and respect. Joshua remembered a scripture about James and ask her about it. It was saying faith is an action word. “You have to show your belief by your works”. That was powerful. Having faith gave Joshua a new path of life with Geneva.

Friendships – When you ready to be with God you always have a friend of all friends. Geneva was a good friend to Joshua who she had ministered deep into his heart to open. That’s a true friend.

Family – Having the love of family will nurture you. God came to Joshua in a form of a man who loves him. God is the only family you need to feed in the word.

Forgiving – Having forgiveness and forgiving Joshua was given a chance at life. Letting go soothed him and he doesn’t feel alone.

I love the characters in the book. I could relate to all of them. They were realistic and understanding. The character development went smoothly throughout the book. I am glad Brandon finally took off those blinders. I like how the author reference the scriptures in the book that related to the characters and situations in the story. Song of Solomon spoke volumes to me.

RATING – 5 stars


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