Book Spotlight – Captured – Terri Haynes



Captured – Terri Haynes


Description:  Special Agent Will Anderson is counting the days before he transfers from the D.C. Human Rights squad of the FBI, but he’s leaving behind everyone he loves. He is asked to interview a victim of suspected human trafficking, a simple task, but finds himself deeply involved in the case.

Social rights activist, Savannah Elliott, has made a fresh start in Washington, D.C., but a routine consultation on a D.C. Human Rights case brings her face to face with a terror from her past.

As Will and Savannah struggle to solve the case, they are forced to face choices, some they’ve buried for years. Will their decisions, past and present, bring them love and safety or will they lose everything, including their lives?

Review:  This book, Captured, by a Christian fiction author, Terri J. Haynes, is the first book of the Love and Faith romance series. I love the author’s style of writing. Haynes was detail and precise. This story was entertaining that kept me on my toes with each page. A quick read with twist and turns. The dynamics of the characters intertwined to make this book an excellent page turner. The characters are real, and you could relate to them. The dialogue was great- it moves smoothly. It started a little slowly but picks up the speed. I love the story line even though it was peppered with a dose of violence. It was a heartfelt story of connection! The theme of this story is human trafficking, dysfunctional family units, secrets, painful pasts, and a dedication for humankind.

The story is about Will, a dedicated, understanding, and straight to the point FBI agent and Savannah who works for a nonprofit organization to help victims of human trafficking. They began to work together on a case in DC. Will is trying to handle his work load and “fatherhood” before he transfers. Savannah is trying to deal with her dysfunctional family and secret past life before coming to DC.

I think this book lived up to my expectations and the author did a superior job of writing. I normally do not read romantic suspense books, but I loved this book because I could relate to the characters in the book. While reading, I felt as though I was a part of the story.

Rating: 5 stars

Words of Caution: Human trafficking, dysfunctional families, painful past, and secrets.

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