Book Spotlight – Brianna White by Loreal Ballou


Today’s book spotlight to be featured is Brianna White by Loreal Ballou.

Brianna White – Loreal Ballou


Description:  In order to have a testimony, one must go through a test. On the outside looking in, it seems as if Brianna White has it all going on for her. She has two parents who love her, a roof over her head and a strong foundation of morals and values. But when things take a wrong turn for Brianna, she starts to feel angry, unworthy, and lost as she deals with a situation that only God can take care of. Will she be able to find the faith that she needs to her trials and tribulations?

Meanwhile, Brianna’s long-lost cousins, Esther and David, come to stay with her for the summer and find it hard to get adjusted to everyday life in the new area. As they begin to get comfortable, everything seems to go well until God starts to show them things that turn their lives around. But in the presence of adversity, will Brianna, Esther and David fight to keep the faith, stay positive and learn to hand it over to God in this story of triumph and victory?


Review: This book was a good read. I think it was more of a young adult book catering to high school and college ages students. The theme or the lesson learned in this book is forgiveness. You really capture all the characters very well. I was amazed at how the teenagers were so mature in their Christianity. I loved how you quoted from the Bible and relating to it.

Loreal, I think you are an anointed author who is going to go far. You are a very good writing style that I can comprehend to. God has more in store for you in the future. Congratulations on this first book and can’t wait for others to follow.

I have questions to ask about the future of the characters in this book. I am looking forward to the sequel of this book.

Rating: 4 stars

Words of Caution: Forgiveness, fears, and teen struggles.

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