That Church Life 1 – Teresa Howell

church 1This is book, That Church Life Book 1, is a page turner that I was holding onto every word. The first chapter had me drawn in. It has a lot going on to keep you interested and on your toes.

The “Church Gal Crew” is a group of friends that grew up together in the church and then parted ways. Now they are back together as adults and need faith to help them through all the drama. Missy is a naive Christian woman that takes care and worries about others. Trying to live the right life. She is very passive. Natalia is the messy, judgmental friend. She doesn’t take no mess from anyone and got a mouth to prove it. And then there is Michelle. She is the ride or die chick with no judgment and wants good for everyone.

The story line went smoothly and kept me interested. The characters were realistic and were well developed. I really enjoyed the story from the beginning to the end. Teresa, please hurry up with book 2 because the suspense is killing me. I give this book 5 stars.

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