My Afrikah Hair – Melanie L. Houston

34607759_10151600212459953_1938177436260761600_nMy Afrikah Hair is about self awareness and taking pride in one’s self. Every woman should share this book with their mother, daughter, sister, best friend, cousin, aunt, niece, and grandmother. I love the natural colors–the browns and yellows–throughout the book. The illustrations are vivid watercolors. The cover of the book is amazing. I love the cover and the font. It is very inviting and warming.
The book goes from braids to locs to show we are beautiful. From afro puffs to ponytails, our dads are our hearts. Curls, curls, everywhere, we can style our hair anyway we like. From grandma pressin’ our hair to bonding with the girlfriends, this book takes you down memory lane.

My Afrikah Hair even addresses our hue. It is one of a kind from honey to mocha to dark chocolate, we are all phine. This book let’s me know my black hair and skin are beautiful. Thank you to the author. This is not only one of my recommended readings, but I give it 5 stars.

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