Living Anonymous – Shataya Simms

bookThis story is about the life of a nine-year-old with a drug addict mother and fatherless girl name Aneesah, who is forced into foster care. Once she gets to school she befriends Capree and they are inseparable and her life changes drastically. Later, in life she meets Nyce and her life changes.

The themes of the book are secrets, lies, broken bonds, deceit, and betrayal. There was sexual abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, foster care, and friendships.

The plot is in the title. Everyone is living anonymous. A bunch of secrets and silence among love ones. Not telling the whole truth, leaving out important information, or withholding information. The title I think also ties into Aneesah with being the anonymous producer to hide her identity from her family members and her fans.

The character development was on point. The author was very detailed in describing the character and their images. I think the author went somewhat overboard with the descriptions of their attire with each character that was presented in the book.

The setting in the story was on point also. While reading I could visualize all the scenes with the vivid descriptions. Sometimes it felt like I was there in the book.

I was very appreciative of how the author chronically went through the life of Aneesah over the span of childhood to adulthood. That kept the story interesting and kept my attention. The storyline went smoothly. I could relate to what was going on. I thought it was going to be predictable, but the author proved me wrong.

I recommend this book. Sometimes I did feel uncomfortable reading the sexual scenes, but I stayed with the book because the storyline was addicting. I usually do not read this genre of book, but I was glad because now I have a new author to add to my list. This will not be my last book from this author. I am ready for book 2. I give this book 4 stars.

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