Cookies and Kisses – Cecelia Dowdy, Trish Perry, Debby Mayne, and Lynette Sowell

26817316._UY630_SR1200,630_Cookies and Kisses –  Cecelia Dowdy   

This novella is four short stories by various authors about four best friends from high school through adulthood. The four friends start a tradition of baking cookies and having an annual Christmas slumber party.

These short stories were sweet and delicious as the different cookie recipes at the end of each girl’s story. The characters were realistic, and I love them all. The story line went smoothly and was enjoyable and funny.

I was wondering why the series was called Cookies and Kisses, it’s because each girl had a special cookie they baked and brought to the annual sleepover. And as far as the kissing portion of the title– there were a lot of kissing scenes in the stories.

I would love to see each of the authors elaborate more on each story. Meaning I need more like a full novel for each girl. I would love to find out what happened next in a couple of the stories.

I give this series 5 stars and thumbs up. A great short Christmas read. I really enjoyed each story that lifted me with a smile of my face and a special place in my heart for the characters.

Love’s First Stage – Trish Perry

Anna Chesterfield works as a customer service rep for a local company but wants to work in theater. Saving a life gets her “dream” job and love interest.

I really enjoyed the short story. The story line ran smoothly. I enjoyed how the characters were well developed and brought to life. I like how the author incorporated Anna being a young, praying Christian woman from a very close, and loving family.

I want more please…. That was a wonderful, sweet, and loving short story.


Kissing Carly – Debby Mayne

Carly is a young lady who likes David but that’s her brother’s best friend and their neighbor. David is in live with Carly. Everyone knows they like each other but they are too “busy” to recognize each other. The kiss…….. and that was all it took. This was a sweet and loving short story that will put a smile on your face. I really enjoyed this short read and hopefully will read more from this author. The characters were realistic, and I could relate to them. I loved the story line.


A Recipe for Family – Lynette Sowell

Heather is a single mom of Jenna, who that literally runs into her ex high school boyfriend Jason who is also Jenna’s

father after four years at their store. Jason hasn’t been around physically but financially he has. Jason wants to be in his daughter’s life as well as in Heather’s life. Will Heather open her heart again?

This was a sweet, warm, and loving story. The title does fit the story to a tee. Never read anything by this author but I will again. The characters are realistic that I fell in love with them and want to know more about them. The writing style of the author, I love it. The setting of the story was a quiet, loving town that I would love to visit.

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