The Book That Matters – Ann Hood

5185vCmUSbL._SY346_Ava is a middle-aged mother of two grown children Will and Maggie, is blindsided by her husband wanting a divorce after twenty-five years. Her husband, Jim, is having an affair. She is starting to feel lonely as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life and move on. She joins in a book club and they must pick a book that matters to them the most. Ava chooses a book what she read when she was younger, and we learn of her loss and how it shaped her life.

I loved the book club concept and the different book selections. I like how the book chronologically done by parts and months. I love how the author incorporated classic literature.

The point of view is told by Ava and her daughter, Maggie, whose life is spinning out of control in Paris. Maggie is in a destructive relationship with an older man, who sends her down a deeper path of destruction.

Mystery, suspense, drama was the tone for this book, which was enjoyable to read. The characters are well developed, and I can relate to. This book is about a generation of a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother trying to deal with life and loss in their own way.

The themes of the story are life, books, family, alcoholism, addiction, sexual assault, suicide, child abandonment, adultery, and domestic violence. The plot was great. I loved it.

The author succeeds when she wrote this book because this book was about sharing the love of books that will change your life. Even though it is a story of family struggles with grief, tragedy, and loss, I give this book 5 stars.

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