Unequally Yoked – Denise Cook-Godfrey

41QkEJ0+ocL._SY346_First, I would like to say to the author…. Were you speaking to me?

Christine Wells was a teen who was bullied, had low esteem, and in dangerous loveless relationships with different men in her life. In the book, we travel through her life of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and hardships and pain.

The story really spoke and ministered to me. I was on an emotional roller coaster with this one. I cried, laughed, got mad, and was angry at the characters in the book. The main idea of this story in my opinion was the pleasure of sin last only for a season which is so true. Self-destruction and masking the pain the character had to endure and then face the consequences of her sin.

Each chapter title had a message in it. I love how the author incorporated the title to the message in each chapter. Yes, the story was fiction but had real life situations with each of the characters. The character development was on point. The characters were real, and I could relate to some of them. It was like I was in the story and I live next door to the Well’s family. The setting was vivid and alive. The themes in the story were depression, rape, addiction, teen pregnancy, abuse, divorce, having faith, and shame.

Overall the story was inspiring, encouraging, powerful, and tastefully written about sexual relationships that were endured growing up with a dysfunctional family. I recommend this book and give it 5 stars. I will be reading more by this author.


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